Airbnb Cleaning Requirements


Welcoming guests into your Airbnb comes with the responsibility of maintaining a pristine space. As a host, understanding and adhering to Airbnb’s cleaning requirements not only ensures a positive guest experience but also contributes to positive reviews and repeat bookings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the essential cleaning steps and best practices to meet and exceed Airbnb’s standards.

The Ultimate Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

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Preparing for the Next Guest

Before the arrival of each guest, meticulous preparation is key to creating a comfortable and hygienic environment to expect guests.

– Thorough Cleaning Process

Execute a thorough cleaning routine that covers all aspects of your Airbnb space. Pay special attention to high-touch surfaces, light switches, appliances, and door knobs. A deep clean ensures a fresh start for each guest.

– All the Garbage Matters

Empty all trash cans and dispose of any waste from previous guests. A clean and odor-free environment sets a positive tone for both hosts and incoming visitors.

– Future-Ready Supplies

Stock up on essential guest supplies such as toilet paper, bath mats, and dish soap. Anticipating guest needs enhances their experience and minimizes potential issues during their stay.

Deep Cleaning Protocols

– High Touch Surfaces

Regularly wipe and sanitize high-touch surfaces like light switches, TV remotes, and door knobs. This not only promotes cleanliness but also addresses health and safety concerns.

– Floors and Carpets

Vacuum and mop floors to remove dust and allergens. For carpet stains, consider professional cleaning to maintain a fresh and inviting ambiance.

– Laundry Linens

Wash linens, including flat sheets and towels, with quality detergents. Providing clean and well-laundered linens contributes significantly to guest satisfaction.

Meeting Airbnb Standards

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– Dishwasher Duties

Ensure that the sink and dishwasher is clean and in good working order. Guests appreciate having clean dishes and utensils readily available.

– Sanitizing Surfaces

Use disinfectant cleaners on countertops and other surfaces to create a hygienic environment. This practice aligns with Airbnb’s cleanliness standards and elevates the overall guest experience.

– Trash Management

Regularly check and clean trash bins. This simple yet essential step contributes to a fresh and odor-free space for guests.

Guest Experience Enhancement

– Attention to Details

Small details, such as neatly folded towels and well-arranged room decor, contribute to a positive guest experience. Consider leaving a welcoming note to show your commitment to their comfort.

– Airbnb Reviews and Cleanliness

Understand the correlation between cleanliness and positive Airbnb reviews. A clean and well-maintained space significantly influences guests’ perceptions and impacts your property’s reputation.

Maintaining Cleanliness Between Guests

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– Cleaning Routine

Implement a consistent cleaning routine between guest stays. This includes wiping surfaces, vacuuming, cleaning supplies and checking for any maintenance issues that may arise.

– Laundry and Linens

Maintain a schedule for laundering linens, ensuring a fresh supply for each guest. Pay attention to details like mattress protectors flat sheet, to guarantee a clean and comfortable sleep environment.


In conclusion, mastering Airbnb’s cleaning requirements is not only a host responsibility but also a strategic investment in your property’s success. By integrating these cleaning practices into your routine, you not only meet the expectations set by Airbnb but also create an inviting and memorable experience for your guests. Elevate your hosting game by prioritizing cleanliness and ensuring your Airbnb stands out for all the right reasons.
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