How does Steam Cleaning work?

Steam cleaning is a powerful, eco-friendly cleaning technology that utilizes high-temperature pressurized steam to clean surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. In this guide, we’ll explain how steam cleaning works, what it’s best for, and how to choose the best steam cleaner for you.

How does Steam Cleaning work?

Steam cleaning utilizes high-temperature pressurized steam to clean surfaces. This steam is typically generated by heating water in a boiler and then quickly releasing the steam through a nozzle. The superheated steam can reach temperatures of up to 212°F, which is hotter than boiling water! And because it’s so hot, the steam can sanitize surfaces, remove stains and dirt, and kill bacteria all in one go. The combination of heat and moisture also makes steam cleaning a very effective way to get rid of common household stains.

What are the benefits of Steam Cleaning?

There are many benefits to using a steam cleaner, especially when compared to other forms of cleaning. First and foremost, steam cleaning is environmentally-friendly. Hot water is usually heated in a boiler, and the steam is released through a nozzle. This means that there is no need for harsh chemicals in order to sanitize, deodorize, or clean surfaces. Instead, high-temperature steam does the trick! Another benefit of steam cleaning is that it’s fast! Steam cleaners can sanitize and clean surfaces in one go – no chemicals mean no wait time! In addition, the high temperatures and humid conditions of the steam make it an effective way to remove many types of stains from surfaces like carpeting, upholstery, and clothing.

Types of Steam Cleaners

There are two primary types of steam cleaners: carpet steam cleaners and hard surface steam cleaners.

Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners are specially designed to clean carpets and upholstery. This type of steam cleaner produces a large amount of steam to effectively remove stains from carpets and upholstery. The hot water heats up the carpet fibers, allowing the dirt and stains to be removed more easily. In addition, carpet steam cleaners can be used on tile, grout, stone, laminate, and other types of hard surfaces.

Hard Surface Steam Cleaners

Hard surface steam cleaners are designed to clean surfaces like tile, grout, stone, laminate, glass, granite, stainless steel, marble, and wood. These steam cleaners produce a smaller amount of steam than carpet steam cleaners, making them better for hard surfaces. The steam sanitizes and cleans all types of tile, but can also be used on grout, marble, granite, and other hard surfaces.

Why Steam Cleaners Are Better and Safer Than Traditional Cleaning Products

Many people choose to clean their homes using traditional cleaning products. However, traditional cleaning products pose safety risks to you and your family. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that may cause health issues over time when used regularly. In addition, you may not be aware of the ingredients in your cleaning products – many companies are not required to list all ingredients on the label! Steam cleaners are a safer, more effective alternative to traditional cleaning products. These cleaners use water heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to kill germs and clean. Your house will be clean and germ-free, and the chemicals in traditional cleaning products will not be an issue.

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