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  Is it difficult to keep the house cleaned and still have time to take care of yourself and your family? Have time to enjoy the moments with the ones you love or even rest? Brabos Cleaning takes care of it for you, we guarantee a reliable residential cleaning service, with quality and fair price, with qualified and specialized professionals aiming to guarantee the excellence of the work performed and the best experience!   CLEANING IS WITH BRABOS CLEANING Keep calm, keep calm! Our team of professionals is ready to adjust to your needs! It is possible to hire our services by fixed price according to the size and situation of dirt to be cleaned. Our methodology is fast, objective and practical, without burocracy, clicking on “Book Now” Fill in the requested data and, in the “Observation” field, enter as much information as possible about the service your home needs. The provision of the residential cleaning service does not include post-construction, pre- and post-moving cleaning services, if necessary, request a specific quote for these needs. The service will be carried out with the maximum of excellence, dedication, professionalism and quality.     What is included in the Residential Cleaning service? BATHROOMS
  • › Sink cleaning
  • › Cleaning of floors and wall coverings
  • › Cleaning the toilet and bathtub
  • › Cleaning the shower, mirror and windows
  • › Garbage removal
  • › Door cleaning
  • › Internal window cleaning
  • > Doing the dishes
  • › Furniture surface cleaning
  • › Cleaning floors and wall coverings
  • › External refrigerator cleaning
  • › External stove and microwave cleaning
  • › Internal window cleaning
  • › Door cleaning
  • › Furniture surface cleaning
  • › Floor cleaning
  • › Internal window cleaning
  • › Organization of exposed clothes and bed arrangement
  • › Cleaning of mirrors and glass
  • › Door cleaning
  • › Floor cleaning
  • › Sofa, armchairs and rugs vacuuming
  • › Furniture surface cleaning
  • › Door cleaning
  • › Window cleaning
  • › Internal window cleaning
  • › Cleaning garage floors, removing leaves and branches, cleaning the balcony and terrace.
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