The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

Are you treating your rental property as a business and yourself as a business owner? Or are you treating it like a job and yourself as an employee? One way to find out the answers to these questions is to look at how you operate your rental property.

Have you implemented systems that optimize your efficiency and enable you to do more with little? Do you have processes to keep you from spreading yourself too thin as you strive to meet the demands of the property? Or you are constantly close to burning out under the strain?

Would you be able to manage three or four more rental properties with the same level of effectiveness as you manage the ones you now have? Or would you find yourself stretched to the limit and discover that the quality of your service has started to suffer?

Oftentimes, what separates landlords and property managers who act as employees and those who act as business owners are systems. One feature of these systems is a business owner’s ability to identify and focus on their core competencies while delegating other roles.

In a rental property, there is such a variety of tasks to be done that it is impossible for the owner or manager to do all of them. Landlords and managers who want room to grow their business must identify the things they do well and those things they should never do.

One of those things a property owner or manager should not be doing with their time is cleaning their rental property by themselves. There are two reasons for this:

  • The level of cleanliness of a rental is not merely about hygiene or sanitation. It is an integral part of the owner or manager’s strategy for promoting and preserving the property. A properly cleaned rental attracts high-quality and higher-paying tenants. Professional cleaning protects the home from wear and tear and impacts positively on its operating costs.
  • Cleaning is a job and a time-intensive one at that. Providing quality cleaning requires the manager or owner to acquire tools, equipment, and skills for the job. While this is completely possible, it comes at the expense of opportunities to do or learn something else that could grow the business.

On the other hand, while cleaning a rental property by themselves will cost property owners and managers, hiring a professional to do it will benefit them.

Here are the reasons why it makes perfect business sense to hire a professional cleaning service for your rental property.

Your business’ image improves

Tenants like a rental property where a third party handles many of the tasks that need to be done. In a home where the landlord does most things, renters don’t get as much space as they would like.

Tenants experience a greater sense of objectivity when talking to a third party than when speaking to the property owner or manager. A property owner or manager who hires a professional cleaning service will attract renters who want a higher level of service and are willing to pay for it. Their business will attract more respect. 

Quicker turnover

In a rental property, time is of the essence. Post move-out cleaning can take days, depending on how slovenly a former tenant is. Between cleaning the newly vacated home and marketing the property, the rental operator rarely has enough time to do both jobs properly. This leads to wasted time and lost opportunities.

With a professional cleaning service that issue does not arise. They can deploy the same day the home becomes vacant and have it ready before twenty-four hours. This quick turnover can make all the difference to a rental’s bottom-line.

Five-star cleaning

Prospective tenants are highly picky about how clean a home they are viewing is. They will demand a level of cleanliness far above what even they can provide in their current homes. This is just human nature. And because professional cleaning services use the same cleaning standards that are on display in a 5-star hotel, a home cleaned by them will always stand up to a prospective renter’s scrutiny.

This cannot be said about using amateur cleaners or when owners or managers clean the home. That’s because each person cleans the home according to their personal definition of cleanliness.

Fewer complaints

In this digital age where customers are notoriously impatient and reviews are just a few taps away from people’s fingers, landlords and property managers cannot afford mistakes. A bad review, even if it is inaccurate, can haunt a business for months.

Given that online is where the majority of people go to get information about their next home, landlords and managers must pay maximum attention to the kind of attention they get online.

Using a professional cleaning service allows a property to get only the best kind of attention. The home will consistently make the best first impression every time.

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